A B O U T   –   I N S I D E   S C O F I E L D

John Scofield crossed paths with people like Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Gerry Mulligan, Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson and Chet Baker. With his unique style and sound he became one of today’s most influential master guitarists of jazz and fusion music.

INSIDE SCOFIELD provides a rare view into the life of the well-known touring musician, composer and family man. – An ambitious trip into the mind and soul of one of modern jazz’s finest.

With an unconventional narrative approach and a beautiful visual impact the film will entertain and stimulate the viewers imagination likewise by painting the complete picture of a versatile and dazzling career in music. What has changed during the last 40 years being on and off the road as a jazz musician, and how has this change affected the creative potential of the music itself? – INSIDE SCOFIELD will provide insight through the eyes and ears from someone who knows.

Additionally to Scofield’s general openness the film provides a lot of exclusive material, e.g. rare backstage, soundcheck as well as personal footage, shot at his home in Katonah, NY – which is rather unusual and refreshing for a documentary about the notoriously secretive jazz scene and its protagonists.

In the film John takes us on a walk through his old neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City – the Village – where he kicked off his career and remembers the time when this area was still the epicenter of jazz. Much but not everything has changed as you will see.

As a jazz musician and improviser recording sessions is an essential part of your work. – Here you see John and Dr. David Schroeder mixing tracks at NYU Steinhardt Studios for John’s new album with Steve Swallow ‘s new album.

Being on tour also means using local opportunities for self-education: In the film John and Pat visit a great exhibition at the famous Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ, as well as a very well-equipped guitar shop in Seattle, WA.

On tour with COMBO 66

The interconnecting element of INSIDE SCOFIELD is the West Coast tour 2018 of John’s band “Combo 66”, with Bill Stewart on drums, Gerald Clayton on piano, Vicente Archer on bass and Pat Murray as tour manager and sound engineer. Joerg Steineck accompanied the band for three weeks and filmed almost 40 hours of footage in seven different cities during that time.

Bill Stewart

Bill Stewart is an American jazz drummer and composer. He’s a long-time collaborator with John but also performed with many others, such as Maceo Parker, Joe Lovano, Pat Metheny, Jim Hall (…). Bill Stewart’s playing is distinguished by its melodic focus and its layered character and has great dynamic precision, so he’s able to articulate with exactness and clarity. As a composer his style can be described as avant-garde.

Gerald Clayton

Gerald Clayton is the son of jazz bassist John Clayton (who has a short cameo in the film as well). For his young age he has already performed and recorded with many well-known names in jazz. Through the long-time friendship with John Clayton John Scofield knows Gerald and his musical growth since he was a child. It seems to be a natural evolution that Gerald became part of one of John’s projects since John calls him “one of the best piano players he has ever played and toured with”.

Vicente Archer

Vicente was born in Woodstock, NY, where he embraced the rich cultural arts by listening to local great jazz artists Dave Holland, Jimmy Cobb, Jack DeJohnette, among many others. In his early career within one year of switching from guitar to bass, the powerful alto saxophonist Donald Harrison asked him to join his group. Vicente Archer has emerged as one of today’s profound new voices on the bass and is a strong linchpin of Combo 66.

Pat Murray

Pat is the tour manager, sound engineer and good spirit of Combo 66 and many other Scofield projects. Like John himself Pat’s long career also included being part of the Miles Davis band – although at different times – as Miles’s concert sound mixer between 1988-1990. Aside from being a great sound engineer and tour manager Pat is a big sports fan (as you will notice in the film) and one of John’s closest friends.

About the filmmaker – Joerg Steineck

INSIDE SCOFIELD will be my third feature-length music documentary. It’s release is aimed for mid-2021.

My feature documentary “Lo Sound Desert“, a film about the Californian desert rock and psychedelic music scene came out in 2016. “American Dirge” is a roadmovie that portrays a troubled American singer/songwriter named Sam. It was finished in 2020 and will be released in 2021. A long term project of mine, a 45 minutes animation film called “MOAIS – The Lithic Curtain” is also finished and waiting for a 2021 release.

The film features interviews with:

Although INSIDE SCOFIELD will not be a “talking head” sort of music documentary, there will be a few cameos of John’s closest companions and friends – his “musical family” so to speak:

Steve Swallow

Steve Swallow is a bassist and composer. He was one of the first jazz double bassists to switch entirely to electric bass guitar. John Scofield calls him his mentor and one of his closest friends.

Joe Lovano

Joe Lovano is an American jazz saxophonist, alto clarinetist, flautist and drummer. In the mid 1980s he began working with John. Since then their professional and personal relationship remains – and whenever they have the chance to play together – they use it.

Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell is an American guitarist, composer and arranger. Together with Pat Metheny and John Scofield he is often mentioned as one of the leading guitarists in jazz music since the late 1980s. He played with both of them and maintained a friendship until today.

Phil Lesh

Phil Lesh is the former bassist and co-founder of the Grateful Dead. His band “Phil & Friends” is a group in that different lineups of musicians play, including John Scofield.

Dave Holland

Dave Holland is an English jazz double bassist, composer and bandleader who has been performing and recording for five decades with some of the greatest names in jazz – e.g. with his friend John Scofield.

Jon Cleary

Jon Cleary is a British-born American funk and R&B musician based in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he has studied the “musical culture and life of New Orleans”. He is an accomplished pianist as well as being a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter who has been touring as a duo with John multiple times.

To be continued…