I N S I D E  S C O F I E L D – N E W S


Dear Jazz / Scofield enthusiasts:

After an intense year of marketing and campaigning and a following social media hiatus (to focus entirely on editing the film) let me finally share this long overdue update with you:


Things are shaping up pretty nicely as I’m proceeding on editing the rough cut. So I hope I’ll be able to fix an “internal preview only” version by the end of the year and afterwards go straight into fine tuning.

When it comes to documentaries, editing is always the most time-consuming part. – With almost 60 hours of footage that needs to be compressed into a 1 1/2 hours format – it’s tricky to find the right dramaturgical structure. But I can say, the structure is finally there, and that’s some real progress.


Because of the on-going pandemic and all the unforeseeable things that have come with it (delays of general logistics, communication with people from the music/film industry, etc.) everything takes much longer than expected.

For those of you who just can’t wait – I can definitely understand – but it’s quite unlikely that there will be a release soon, right now mid-2021 seems to be reasonable. I just hope that everyone agrees, a good film is better than one that got released in a rush. And this one will be good. 🙂

That’s about it for now. I wish you all the best during the next weeks, especially health and a strong immune system! Will be back with more news in early 2021!

Happy Holidays!

Joerg Steineck

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Please be patient: The postproduction phase just began (this will take a few months). We’ll be back with news when there are actual news to share:

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