Hey there! … Yes … YOU!

Really … YOU!

Are you sort of a independent film and world class music cat? And you aren’t too shy on facebook, twitter (social media in general) and enjoy a jolly good share? And you’re neither a musician nor a film producer (of course you can be) but you share our desire to MAKE INSIDE SCOFIELD BECOME A REALITY?

Then get involved, goddamned – and be part of our Kickstarter Crowdfunding team! – For further infos:

By sending us an email you won’t sell your soul or anything – we will just evaluate this as your serious interest in getting involved. Then we will let you know what we need to succeed with the upcoming campaign (APRIL/MAY) to realize this ambitious film.

THEN you decide whether you jump in or not. – Absolutely no strings attached.

* Become part of the team and we will credit this with the full magnitude of gratitude by

  • putting your name on the big screen (including the title “Associative Producer” (during the start AND end credits!)
  • putting your name + title, brand, business, music project etc. on this website (including a link to your website) under the upcoming “official sponsor” heading.
  • sending you a link to a digital download of INSIDE SCOFIELD (when it’s finished)
  • sending you links of two other Joerg Steineck films “Lo Sound Desert” and “Truckfighters Fuzzomentary” (immediately after the campaign) and a preview link to his latest film “American Dirge
  • an official INSIDE SCOFIELD film poster (signed and rolled).

PLUS: You will have certain benefits which are not available for regular donators of the campaign, like exclusive insight into the production itself (within the coverage of our hidden group on facebook), etc. .

Aside from all the rewards – You – as the hero of our mission – will be directly involved in making this film happen… . The gods of jazz shall be delighted.


However you decide – please share the word!

Thanks for your general interest in INSIDE SCOFIELD! – Much appreciated!

The Inside Scofield team